Laboratory Vacuum Oven


A vacuum oven or vacuum dryer is a chamber in which vacuum drying takes place. This device is often called (Vacuum Oven) in the pharmaceutical industry. Dryers or vacuum ovens are made of aluminum, one-piece steel to withstand high vacuum pressure without any deformation in the body. Vacuum ovens are used to reduce heat loss and pollution sources in the absence of air or other gases.

Technical Specifications
power 220V+ 60Hz
Enclosure – Room size: 56x  59 x 63.5
Temperature control Controller: The PID microcomputer is controlled by an LCD display
Vacuum The final vacuum 0.05
weight 80 KG
dimensions (WxDxH) unit:90×80 x 97
Shelves Heated shelves: 5 non-removable aluminum shelves, 56×59 (WxD)
Door gasket material Silicon
View window 1/2 inch safety glass
The lights inside the door White light (pre-installed)